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Niraj Gera

Based in New Delhi, India, local photographer Niraj Gera has developed his interest in photography into a hobby and then into an ever growing passion. He is undeniably a gifted talent who is fond of travelling to places and accentuates the essence of the least known and the least travelled walks of life through his photography.

As a versatile and freelance photographer, Niraj Gera offers a “slice of life” in all his works, giving each picture a voice of its own. Blessed with an excellence in capturing human emotions, he celebrates the freedom of the soul as he presents an image of what is otherwise not perceptible to the eyes, often transcending the material world.

The love and commitment with which he works has lead him to win the hearts of not just his clients and subjects who hail from various states (including New Delhi, Rishikesh, Bangalore, Dharamshala, Varanasi, Rajasthan, Kerela, etc) and countries(including USA, UK, Kuwait, China and more) , but also the appreciation of many from across the globe.

Ranging from Fashion Photography to Street Photography, Glamour Photography to Travel Photography, Food Photography to Still Life Photography, Commercial Photography to Landscape Photography, Product Photography to Headshot Photography, Niraj has successfully yielded phenomenal results, adding richness to every click with his special touch. An array of his work has been exhibited in galleries such as Indian Habitat Center, Arpana Kaur Art Gallery,  Indian August etc. He has also been featured in various newspapers and articles for his exceptional photography. His work redefines photography, and has been described as “Fine Art” by his most of the clients & fans.

In addition, Niraj Gera has flourished in diverse fields in the capacity of a Fashion photographer, Travel Photographer, Street Photographer and Commercial Photographer in the recent times. Having his base in Delhi, he not only does photography in nearby areas like Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad but is also available as a freelance photographer for travel anywhere in the world for providing a quality shoot.

With an experience of over 10 years in the field of photography, Niraj is by nature a simple hearted person who believes in the limitlessness of seeking knowledge and evolving.

Niraj Gera’s inclination towards spirituality has assisted him in establishing a more sincere and worthwhile connection with his subjects and at the same time strike a balance between all the various activities he has successfully undertaken. From being a faculty at The Art of Living to being a successful entrepreneur, he never hesitates in going an extra mile for achieving and adding something meaningful to life. This is why he efficaciously thrives on capturing every detail beautifully and sharing them with the world.

Furthermore, Niraj Gera is also an interesting travel blogger & photo documentary maker and extends his services for writing photo stories & travel articles to various clients all over the world.


>>> Niraj Gera's official website: nirajgera.com


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