Luo Pinxi China documentary,nature,landscape,life,architecture
Luo Pinxi

Born and grown up in Foshan of Guangdong Province, China, Luo Pinxi had entered the photography field since 1997 as an enthusiastic learner. While starting to study and experience taking photos, it was all about seeking for the balance and excellence between light, shadow, color and composition of a picture.

As the landscape photography was his ‘first love’, Luo Pinxi had always spent times on waiting for sunrise or shooting the famous sights around China. Attractions are the attractions that draw thousand of attentions from other enthusiastic photographer or even professions. Same view in different images is not stunning as Luo expected in that case. Consequently, Luo began to captured documentary, festival, folk and art photography with own thoughts and opinions. The depth of photography opened his new minds, leading him to fall in love with the subjects of Chinese ancient architecture and ancient culture.

In Luo’s opinion, culture is the factor that enhances an image’s contents and also photographer’s responsibilities of photographing an particular subject. Thinking, on the other hand, is always the key word in any photographs.



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