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K. M. Asad

Born in 1983, K M Asad is a freelance documentary professional photographer based in Dhaka based Bangladesh. He is present Photojournalist at Zuma Press news agency and contributor photographer at Getty images. Asad protruded as a photographer in 2004 and a year later joined Pathshala the South Asian Institute of Photography. His engrossment highly reflected both in Colour and in Black & White. He was awarded 2014 Lucie Awards (IPA) deeper perspective photographer of the year and subsequently from last 10 years, his photographic works have taken for the permanent collection in the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (KMOPA) in Japan.

"It's not your camera rather its your eyes which will flick at first." --- K. M. Asad


Early Life 

K M Asad is the elder son of his parents. He is lucky enough to get such parents who were always motivated him to complete his aim to become a photographer. His thinking of being opposite to cliché made his way to Pathshala (The South Asian Media Academy). He has done his photography graduation from Pathshala (The South Asian Media Academy) in 2008, along with his academic graduation. That degree in photography made his dream goal away lot clear.


Asad made his own manner across this subcontinent, exploring the country by way of doing photography. His conceivable thoughts made him interact with people at the time he brought up in the old town. This makes him more conscious about the people, society as well as his own country. In 2007, when the cyclone (SIDR) scattered Bangladesh, he went to remote places to capture the dying condition of local people. Against those photos, hundreds of people got reliefs who were in need of foods and other staffs, funds. Tracing the narratives of his communities Asad moved his lenses to realize the unconscionable of the sufferer. At present the strong (7.8) earthquake in Nepal, which a put sign of death rattle on the globe… Asad triggered his camera to the sufferer to tie in the world with the grieves.


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