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Invitational Exhibition: “From Chang'an to Rome -- China-Italy College Photography Invitational Exhibition” Ⅱ

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Alessia Barontini was born in Livorno on November 27th 1997. She attended the artistic high school “F. Russoli “of Pisa and currently studying Multimedia at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara.


Giuboxe, real name Giulia Sommariva, was born and raised in the Po Valley, where she

attends the linguistic High School and she graduates in radiology at the University of

Pavia. Immediately after her graduation, she moves to Pietrasanta, where maternal

relatives live. Here she finds the time to feed her real passion: art. Since she was a baby

she spends much time drawing, singing and every other creative activity. At 18 she

begins to study singing, at 25 she enrolls at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara. She’s

mostly interested in illustration and photography. The main themes she develops are:

the surreal, the world of dreams and the Magic Realism. Both in her drawings and in

the photographs she develops atmospheres between the fantastic and the disturbing

world, because she wants her works to reflect her own personality in freedom.

Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro

Aurora Cosentino

Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna

Arianna Zama

Academy of Fine Arts of Reggio Calabria

Roberta Lo schiavo

Milan Brela Academy of Fine Arts

Giulia Gualazzi

Giulia Lazzaron

Giulia Lazzaron was born in Milan in 1992, she studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and graduated with honors in April 2018.

He worked as a graphic designer at the Antonio Battaglia Gallery, creating the Serafino Maiorano catalog. Today she is one of the finalists of Combat Prize.

Participates in numerous group exhibitions, and the most important are: "Percorsi dell’Essere Multiforme", personal exhibition at Spazio Mantegna (March 2017); "È Carta, I International Biennial of works on paper" at MAIO, Cassina De Pecchi and Spazio Mantegna, Milan; "L'Accademia del scivolo" at the Antonio Battaglia Gallery, Milan (July 2017); presentation of the project "Movimento, Segno, Idea" by Museo della Permanente and Casa della Cultura at the Triennale di Milano (July 2017); "Movimento, Segno, Idea", a project by Museo della Permanente and Casa della Cultura,  decorating the M4's construction site in San Babila Square, in the heart of Milan (in progress); "GAR meets Brera", at the Galleria Velasquez, Milan (March 2018); "Camera Work OFF" of Palazzo Rasponi, Ravenna (May 2018); "Sign, Shape, Color between Innovation and Tradition", present in the Milan Graphic Art circuit organized by the superintendency of the Castello Sforzesco, at Spazio Mantegna (May 2018); "Paratissima", art fair at the BASE space, Milan (June 2018); "Exhibition of Combat Prize finalists", G.Fattori Museum, Livorno (June-July 2018); an oil on canvas is present in the Museum of the Postal Image of Belvedere Ostrense.


Isadora Lonoce was born in 1993 in Colombia. She graduated in Visual Communication - Graphic Designerin 2013 at Institute of Art in Monza, Italy.

Since 2016 she is attending New Technologies of Art at Brera Art Academy, Milan, Italy.

For three years she studied transverse flute at "Consonanza Musicale" Music School in Lissone, Italy.

She also works with children in artistic playing activities.


Daniela Matarazzo was born in Aversa (CE) on August 10th 1990. After starting her studies at the

State Art School of Aversa, in 2015 she graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples,

where she is currently specializing in Painting.From May 16 to June 30, 2014 participates in the exhibition "Postcards from Purgatory", set up in  the Museum Complex of Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio in Arco, Via Tribunali in Naples.

In the same year he was selected with a series of pictorial works, entitled '' L 'oblivion of the senses''

at the National Arts Award of Reggio Calabria.From 8 to 10 July 2016 participates in the project '' Girandola '' of Public Art of the Academy of Fine

Arts in Naples, at the Pizza del Gesù Nuovo in Naples (project published in the book "Urban

Practices" by Angelo Armentano, Jovene publishe.

Anna Vercellotti was born in Chiavari in 1983. After high school she graduated as a graphic designer at the Accademiadi Comunicazione in Milan. Then she moved to London where she lived for 5 years and where she succeded a bachelor in Product design at Central Sain Martins University.

In 2014 she won the first price of Premio Art eLaguna,in the glass making category.
She now lives and work in Venice.She is attending a specializationin Visual Arts at the Fine Art Academyof Venic.

Alice Preto was born in Valdagno, a town in the province of Vicenza (Veneto, Italy) on November 11, 1996. She has always been interested about figurative arts and so she decides to sign up at the artistic high school in her city. After graduation she chooses to move to central Italy to study at the Urbino Academy of Fine Arts and here, partly for fun, partly for the necessity of fulfill the photography exams, she bought her first SLR at the age of 20. In this way she begins to get interested in an art that she had never paid much attention to before, because she has always dedicated to painting and drawing. At the same time she begins to travel, finding many similarities with the genre of landscape, a genre which she is still devoting a lot of energie.


This project was born from the idea of merge photography, graphic draw andinstallation.

The photographs overlap to recreate double exposures and they are joined by asingle line: a minimal sign that shows some details of the two images to create aunique photograph, which can be seen from different points of view.

Anamorphism is, in fact, an effect of optical illusion whereby an image isprojected onto the plane in a distorted way, making the original subjectrecognizable only by looking at the image from a precise position.

Thanks to the printing of the three levels on glass, this effect is recreated,obtaining a complete vision of the work only if it is placed in front of it.

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