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Invitational Exhibition: “From Chang'an to Rome -- China-Italy College Photography Invitational Exhibition” Ⅰ

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The 7th Jinan International Photography Biennale Invitational Exhibition:

“ From Chang'an to Rome -- China-Italy College Photography Invitational Exhibition”

Host: China Jinan International Photography Biennale Organizing Committee
Organizer: School of Art and Design in Xi'an University of Technology

Co-Organiser: Wink Group and Hongkong Master Workshop International Art Foundation

Venue: Hall 2, Hall 3, Shandong University of Art&Design

Duration: October 25-30, 2018

Chief Planner: Zeng Yi

Curator: Zhang Hui, Angelo Collura (Italy), Alfred Mirashi (Italy)

From Chang'an to Rome

Chang'an is one of the typical representatives of Chinese culture, and Rome is also an irreplaceable civilization highlands in the western world. Chang'an is "magnificent" and "majestic", and Rome is the "eternal city" built with marble, and they construct rich and colorful civillization in the East and the West. Looking back at history, since the beginning of Zhang Qian’s departure to the western region in 140 BC, after Emperor Sui’s western journey in 609 AD, to Marco Polo’s travels in 1298 AD, they all play harmonious historical chapters on the Silk Road, and the achievements of China-Italy cultural exchanges have also been influencing us in the world today.

In 2018, 2158 years have passed since that first historical moment of east-west communication. Today, on the platform of the Jinan International Photography Biennale in China, we have the opportunity to show the images of teachers and students from 13 art schools in China and 10 art schools in Italy through the form of exhibitions. We hope that Chinese and foreign universities take this opportunity to exchange and learn from each other. Due to the differences in culture, economy and political background, China and Italy have great differences in artistic cognition, photographic concept expression and works presentation.     

However, the students of the two universities in the two countries are striving to pay attention to reality, life and self-survival experience. They use the way of contemporary visual art to convey the idea of young students in both countries to pursue their dreams. This cultural and geographical differences will reunit and communicate in the artistic language on this exhibition and will be completely revitalized.

It is hoped that the vibrant and artistically fascinating works in this exhibition will add new brilliance to the exchanges between Chinese and Western civilizations.

Zhang Hui

Italy Academies Participating in Exhibition:

Academy of Fine arts of Florence, Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna, Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, Academy of Fine Arts in Foggia, Academy of Fine Arts in Arquilla, Palermo Academy of Fine Art, Fine Art Academy of Venic, Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Milan Brela Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro, Academy of Fine Arts of Reggio Calabria, Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, Urbino Academy of Fine Arts

China Academies Participating in Exhibition:

Center Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Nanjing University of the Arts, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University, Shandong University of Art&Design, Xi’an University of Technology, Beijing Institute Of Graphic Communication, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts (HIFA), Communication University of Zhejiang, Huanghe S & T University, Shanghai University Of Engineering Science

Executive Committee   

Executive Curator: Wang Yibo, Wang Shuo   

Exhibition Supervision: Luo Bin

WeChat Promotion: Li Wenze, Jia Shinan, Zhang Xinrui

Poster Design: Li Jiayan    

Duration: October 25-30, 2018

Venue: Hall 2, Hall 3, Shandong Arts and Crafts College

Photography Selection of Italy Academies

Palermo Academy of Fine Art

Davide Scopelliti & Carolina Palumbo 

Mother Nature

Every time I’m fascinated by the process of elaboration nature. Perhaps because I realize that after the massacre of flowers, plants, trees and loss of identity of all those natural and living elements, stripped of their clothes and destroyed by the seasons, life does not cease with death. I belive that smells, fragrances, shapes and colors subvert the arrival of war. Ready to collapse, they let themselves go. After the loss, I gather and only later know that I’m a flower. This lifts me up.

The Death Of Nature

If it depended on me, I would pay more attention to the deterioration of things. I watched the mutation of the colors of the leaves: red, orange, faded yellow as if it were Beethoven’s ninth symphony. Everything takes on another aspect, it becomes something else and inevitably a subtraction factor is added. The appearance is simplified, becomes thin, essential, like a coriander of lived life vanishes. As the moment slips away, I realize that I love watching the skeleton of nature. It is essential for balance.

Marie Audiffren

Rossana Rizza

Mitikafe works with the perception of our body , identity and the relationship with ourselves.

In all of her work there is the necessity of disappearing in a new world created using bright colours , naked bodies and simple composition. This necessity is part of the constant research that characterize the photos : everything is clear , bright , colourful. But there is also no face , sometimes just bodies or detail , veil that cover mostly of the people. Is not hiding , is disappearing but at the same time , being photographed , means existing , appear. This research about the desire of disappear is also linked with the relationship that we have with ourselves , the world around us and our identity. What we feel to be is never what we really are in the concrete world. The aim of the work is to create this empty space in which we don’t experience the pressure of the concrete existence and we can think about our identity in a more free way.

My name is Diana Didi and I was born on September 13, 1992 in a small way country village of Romania called Filiasi.

I moved to Paris almost immediately after my birth with my mother Rusu Daniela and we remained there until 1995, when we came to Turin for first time. Here I had the opportunity to attend the art school first Renato Cottini and later the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts where I began my studies as a painter and later I developed my photographic passion. Thanks to the encouragement of my professors and especially the professor of photography Fabio Amerio soon I discover that it was not just one passion but also a skill.


Elena Radovix was born in Milan, 21/01/1960. After her high school graduation she attended a graphic school and then she worked for som photography and graphic studios in Milan.

She developed very soon adeep passion for Buddhism and Yoga practice, travelled through Asia and then teached Yoga in Milan for a few years.

After this period she worked as artist and scenographist for public institutions, ONLUS, associations and festivals.

In 2013 she attended Art School in Torino, and then she graduated in Fine Arts (Accademia Albertina); from that moment she took part to expositions promoted by the Art school, mostly photography and sculpture. She is attending Paint class in the same art school.


Il filo d’oro di origine animale, fibra molto rara dell’antica terra

Sarda, una seta naturale ricavata da un mollusco marino chiamato

PINNA NOBILIS che si trova solo nei mari della Sardegna, elemento

utilizzato per la tessitura degli abiti tipici Sardi, rendendoli unici nel

suo genere.

Diverse foto che ho scattato immortalano spazi freddi, alienanti, con

strutture statiche e squadrate, edifici della nuova società industriale,

privi di identità e di anima; Così nel mio progetto ho deciso di

introdurre il filo d’oro che verrà cucito attraverso le foto rappresentando quell’identità, che andrà ad impreziosire l’assenza in quelle

strutture, richiamando sia il significato di legame alla terra che

all’oggetto artigianale.


Il progetto LEGAMI TERRITORIALI è nato dall’esigenza

di mettere in risalto il legame che l’individuo ha con la propria terra

d’origine, una forma di appartenenza che la persona porta con sé in

ogni territorio in cui si sposti. Ho realizzato per questo progetto una

serie di foto, che raccontano in breve il percorso da quando ho

lasciato l’isola ( famosa per essere genuina e

estremamente naturale ), fino ad arrivare a Firenze e Siena, dove ho

scoperto nuovi posti,nuove persone, nuove stazioni su cui poter

contare. Ho portato con me da quando sono arrivata la mia

identità, che mi è servita a costruire tutto questo bellissimo

percorso e ho deciso di identificarla tramite il filo di Biss

My name is Pompa Lucia, I live and study in Foggia.

After initial studies in law, various work experience, I embarked on this adventure by enrolling at the 'Academy of Fine Arts in Foggia section Decoration Urban Furniture, realizing a dream that I had for some time.

I have always loved art in all its facets but in particular photography. I like to photograph places, people (above all my children), seascapes and everything I see, every little detail.

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